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Gourmet Dry Pet foods, Scottys Pet Food Roll, Fresh Meat & Bones

Gourmet Dry Pet Foods

Debbie’s All Care Pet Services is proud to announce our gourmet dry food range, made from natural ingredients and goodness that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Our superior products taste great and your dog will think it is a treat not their daily dose of vitamins and necessary supplements to keep their coat shiny and their nose wet!

There is nothing your pampered pooch will love more than chewing these healthy treats for hours on end. The healthy way to spoil your pet - Let your best friend be the judge!

Choose from our vast range of gourmet dried dog products;

Liver Treats 100g BuyNow
Liver Treats 200g
Liver Treats 1Kg
Pigs Ears Buy Now
Pig Snouts Buy Now
Pig Snouts Packet of 10

Beef Sticks 
Roo Sticks 
Lamb Sticks 
Pork Sticks 
Chicken Sticks 

Cow Hoofs

Kangaroo Tails Buy Now 
Kangaroo Flaps

Sheep Ears
Sheep Ears Packet of 10

Dried Pet Meats Online Store


Scotty's Premium Pet Foods

Scotty's Meats


All the goodness of Scotty’s can now be in the fridge. Scotty’s Chilled Dog Roll is the ultimate in freshness and taste!

This delicious and nutritious meal is packed full of meaty goodness and stored in the fridge so you can give your best friend a fresh, complete and balanced meal every time.

With eight tasty varieties which means eight scrumptious flavours, there's sure to be a Scotty’s Chilled Dog Roll to
please every dog.

Naturoll roll
Pro Peak roll
Meat & Vegie roll
Meat & Pasta roll
Chicken Loaf roll
Chunk Beef & Kidney roll
Nutra-vite (Shine & Coat) roll
Chicken & Rice roll

*Fresh Meat & Bones

Gizmo the dog 

At Debbie’s All Care Pet Services we know the importance of nutrition and dental hygiene and what better way to show your dog you care than by giving them one of our delicious fresh meat meals followed by a great big fresh bone to chew on.

Aside from the nutrition and hygiene factor our fresh bones and fresh meat meals will keep your dog happy and content and thinking you are the best thing since schmako's.

Roo Mince 1Kg roll    $6.50
Roo mince cryvoc     $6.50

Chicken Necks 1Kg     $4.40
Chicken Pieces 1kg    $4.40

Lamb Brisket 1Kg       $4.40
Kangaroo Tails          $4.40 

*Fresh meat & bones only sold from direct from store no postage available.

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